Getting Started on Predictive Analytics

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SAP IoT Connects the World to Enable Live Business

SAP HANA学习资料大全[非常完善的学习资料汇总]


The Cloud is Taking Over Ecommerce

Getting started with Kotlin on Android

The Cloud and AI: A Marriage Made In Heaven For Big Data Analytics?

Business Intelligence/Big Data in 2013 and Beyond

SAP收购Roambi 领导全球市场商务分析云迁移

IBM拓展云数据分析服务 用户来“做主”

Twitter Storm Real-Life App 排错记


Getting Started with phoneME Feature Software (MR4)


大数据日志分析产品——SaaS Cloud, e.g. Papertrail, Loggly, Sumo Logic;Open Source Frameworks, e.g. ELK stack, Graylog;Enterprise Products, e.g. TIBCO LogLogic, I

Getting Started with phoneME Feature Software (MR4)

英特尔深层学习框架BigDL——a distributed deep learning library for Apache Spark


业界 | 福布斯:2018年机器学习试点及实施数量将翻倍